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to easily manage your analyses

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What about putting Excel aside for a sec?
Structure and centralize
your quality control management


97€ / user


Focus on your added value.
Automate analysis management;
the whole team saves time!



On request


You want to manage multiple sites?
You have several types of users or
specific needs?


Cant’ find a suitable offer?

We can think about it together. 🤝

CIKLab is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application available 24 hours a day, secure and accessible with a simple internet connection.

💡 No installation and no maintenance, everything is included in the subscription. 👌

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Try it now and then decide which plan is right for you. It’s that simple 🎯.


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Any other questions?
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+33 9 72 31 81 06

CIKLab is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application available everywhere, 24 hours a day with a simple Internet connection. The access to the application is done with a login and a password for each user. It is secured by an SSL certificate.
Know more about CIKLab’s security

Absolutely! The CIKLab application and data are hosted in France in private data centers. Outsourcing and hosting are entrusted to a specialist and covered by an ISO 27001 certification. Your data is safe and accessible at any time.

Of course, at any time, you can add an additional user yourself and assign him/her rights. The subscription will be prorated.

Absolutely, whether you are a new user or you want to upgrade your offer, it is possible at any time.

Would you like to try CIKLab but first you have to convince your boss? Let’s do things in order: let’s take a few minutes to discuss your analysis management, then you do a free trial for a period that we determine together. We measure with you all the gains to determine your R.O.I. (Return On Investment).

Our case study on CIKlab’s R.O.I.

Our teams are available to answer your questions. You can contact us
by email:
by phone: +33 9 72 31 81 06