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Accueil » [Case study] How CIKLab makes you earn 1000€ per month?

[Case study] How CIKLab makes you earn 1000€ per month?

Is CIKLab profitable for my company?

What is the return on investment?

In the absence of a suitable alternative, many food companies monitor their quality control with Excel files and edit their certificates of analysis on Word documents. If at the beginning, the system D answers the needs of first necessity, quickly, it shows its limits. Above all, a solution that is supposed to be economical becomes a source of wasted time and significant loss of earnings. Therefore, switching to a real computer tool dedicated to quality control management can save you 30 hours per month and be extremely profitable.

Who is CIKLab for?

CIKLab is an online quality control software for small and medium-sized food companies (food supplements, ingredients, processors). It is mainly adapted to companies that have a wide range of products and carry out numerous control analyses, either internally or externally. CIKLab can be adapted to organizations of any size and generally we find quality teams with 3 users. In this case, CIKLab often replaces an internal tool developed with different Excel files.

Companies that decide to use CIKLab:

  • Manage more than 150 product references
  • Control at least 40 batches per month
  • Carry out an average of 5 controls / batch
  • Outsource about 60 analyses / month
  • Work with 3 subcontracted laboratories

What problems?

First of all, quality control managers are looking for a simple solution to organize their control plans and monitor the quality of their products. Indeed, if Excel is sufficient at the beginning, it quickly becomes tedious to update.

Updating specification sheets and editing certificates of analysis with Word files requires a lot of work. The double entry of results creates a significant risk of error. They spend too much time ordering and tracking their analyses at different laboratories. They also waste too much energy saving reports in folder trees and results in multiple Excel files.

Finally, because the information is not centralized, it is difficult for them to make the most of their analytical assets to adjust their control plans and optimize their analysis budget. If keeping a system for managing control plans and monitoring analyses in Excel and Word does not cost anything, it is quite easy to estimate the time that you lose.

Data sheets, specification sheets and control plans:

Updating quality documentation (control plans, specification sheets, data sheets) on Word and Excel takes a lot of time in terms of file management and version tracking. Each control plan is reviewed annually in terms of specifications and control frequency, notably by studying the results history. On average, due to the lack of a suitable tool, we spend an average of 60 minutes per year for each product

As soon as a control plan is modified, the data sheet and the related certificate of analysis must also be adapted. The review of each reference must generate an additional version that can be modified, validated and recorded (5 min/reference).

  • For 150 product references, it is at least: 10h/month

Ordering, tracking tests and recording external reports:

The creation of analysis order forms and identification labels takes about 5 minutes per laboratory, or 15 minutes per batch.

  • For 40 controlled batches: 10h/month.

Recording and retrieving control reports is also very tedious and time consuming. Saving a document in the right sub-folder and renaming it for easy retrieval takes on average 2 minutes per document.

  • For 5 reports per batch: 6h/month.

Validation and Editing of Certificates of Analysis:

Reviewing results, validating, editing, signing and recording certificates of analysis takes at least 15 min/batch)

  • For 40 batches: 10h/month

Without adapted software, we can estimate that the quality control document management represents more than 36 hours/month.

What is the gain and what is the ROI with CIKLab?

With CIKLab, all the organization and planning of quality control becomes easier and faster.

Technical data sheets, specification sheets and control plans:

The creation of product data sheets, updating of documentation (control plans and specifications) is automated. You spend only 5 minutes on average per reference:

  • 1h/month.

Ordering, analysis follow-up and recording of external reports:

The edition of analysis order forms is automated and requires no more than 2 minutes/batch:  

  • 1h20/month.

Similarly, the recording of documents directly in CIKLab takes you less than 30 seconds per document:

  • 1h40/month.

Validation and edition of certificates of analysis:

Thanks to CIKLab, the validation of the batches, the edition and the signature of the certificates of analyses takes you 2 minutes:

  • 1h20/month
Creation of control plans, specifications and modifications of records10h1h
Creation of analysis order forms + sample shipping labels10h1h20
Recording of analysis reports6h1h40
Editing, validation and signature of analysis certificates10h1h20


Automating your quality control process with CIKLab allows you to spend less than 6 hours per month on your control plans and analyses, instead of 36 hours with a manual system.



Gain with CIKLab

gain horaire mensuel

Using CIKLab to manage control plans, order analyses and issue certificates of conformity is a guarantee of security and peace of mind.

CIKLab allows you ta save:

> 30h/month, i.e. 900€* minimum.


R.O.I mensuel

With a 255€/month offer (Offre Essentiel for 3 users), CIKLab saves you time and finances itself.

Monthly ROI: > 100% [(900-255)/255]

*Calculated on the basis of a gross hourly rate of 30€/hour

Evaluate what CIKLab can do for you!