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How to try CIKLab for free

At any time, you can take advantage of a free trial of CIKLab.

This trial allows you to test all the features of CIKLab, for as many users as you wish. The objective is to allow you to put yourself in real conditions of use of CIKLab to understand how it works and to estimate the time, simplicity and serenity that you can gain.

During the trial period, you can create as many laboratories, analyses, products and batches as you wish. If needed, we can even save you time by helping you set up your workspace.

To start your trial period, nothing could be easier. Just fill out the form above and within 48 hours we will send you your login link to create your personal space. Upon receipt, you can activate your account and confirm your password. Then, you add the people of your team according to the levels of rights you want. You fill in your first laboratory and the analyses you use to start creating your control plans and specification sheets. That’s it, CIKLab is already operational.

Let’s meet in 10 days to review your test, what works well and what we could still improve. Until then, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help. We’ll always be happy to help you.

Pay when you want

While this is often enough to understand the value and function of CIKLab, in some cases you may need more time. No problem. Our main wish is that by choosing CIKLab, you are fully convinced of the solution’s potential. Both what it already allows you to do now and also imagine future features.

So, if you think you need a longer testing period, just contact us and tell us how long you need: 3 weeks, 1 or 2 months. Whatever you want! We simply schedule different milestones together at regular intervals to make sure you take advantage of everything CIKLab has to offer, take your feedback and answer your questions.


End of the trial

At the end of the trial period, if CIKLab suits you and you wish to continue using it, we will determine together the number of accesses you need to validate your subscription. We can also help you import important data such as product references, analyses and laboratories, or even your results history.

If, unfortunately, you do not wish to continue using CIKLab, we simply close your trial account. We schedule a final exchange to understand what is not working for you or what features you expect. If you allow it, we will keep you informed of the features we develop and add as we go along.