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Where does CIKLab’s name come from?

August 30, 2021

2 min

Lionel Murat
Cofounder of CIKLab

Logo CIKLab

Our online laboratory management software is called CIKLab: but do you know where its name comes from?

To better understand its meaning, you have to read it in two parts:


A first part “CIKL” which refers to a succession of validation steps, we speak of a control cycle. The cycle expresses “a series of phenomena that are constantly renewed in an unchanging order”. It is easily linked to the supplier relationship, which is described here as circular, lasting and clear.

The cycle is also the round shape, the circle, which is a symbol of purity (quality). It represents a virtuous movement but also the balance between the different points separating its perimeter and its epicenter. In communication jargon, it is seen as a healthy relationship of equal strength between the parts. The cycle is also the one that federates the subcontracting laboratories on a single platform.

- AB

The second part “ab” comes from the first letters of the English word “able” which means capacity. We also see the simplicity of use (b.a-ba) or the novelty (a, b, c…).

The name's structure

The spelling stylization allows the word to be simplified as much as possible and to be more modern. The letter [K] within the name brings structure and technique to the name, expressing the tech of a SaaS application.

Overall, CIKLab evokes dynamism, movement and improvement.

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