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Gazette du laboratoire N°279 Article

October 4, 2021

4 min

Lionel Murat
Cofounder of CIKLab

Gazette du laboratoire

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La Gazette du LABORATOIRE ( – N°279 – October 2021

The Gazette du Laboratoire ?

La Gazette du Laboratoire is a magazine specializing in the news of the research laboratories and the pharmaceutical, agri-food and cosmetic industry in France. The magazine covers a wide range of topics such as new technologies, market trends, regulations, equipment, analytical techniques, quality and laboratory management as well as industry events.

This magazine is a communication medium for professionals, whether they are researchers, engineers, laboratory managers, quality managers or suppliers of laboratory solutions. It features in-depth thematic reports, interviews with professionals, case studies, expert analyses, reports on trade shows and events in the sector. It also brings information on the latest trends and innovations in analytical equipment and techniques.

The magazine is published every two months and available in print and digital versions, with a weekly newsletter to keep readers informed of the latest industry news.

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