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March 30, 2022

2 min

Lionel Murat
Cofounder of CIKLab

Historique de résultats

😱 Managing your inspection periodicity….it can quickly turn into a nightmare

“Am I up to date on my inspection plan this year?”

“Is my audit frequency appropriate?”

“By the way, what about the latest test results?”

So why not manage it in real time?


📊 A new Picto has appeared in CIKLab at the end of each control line.

You now have one-click access to the history of all your results, regardless of the analysis, the product, and even the batch!” ⚡

✅ Check directly if your periodic analyses are up to date.
✅ Evaluate result trends at a glance.
✅ Automatically anticipate trouble spots.

Try CIKLab for free, the easiest software for quality control management and now to have access to analysis history 🚀

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