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Manage your control plans with CIKLab

CREATE & ORGANIZE your control plans

Specifications sheets and data sheets

No more multiple folders, files and spreadsheets to track your products. With CIKLab, you have a real IT solution to manage your specification sheets and control plans.

Control plans

To control your deadlines, your costs and monitor your control plans as closely as possible, CIKLab allows you to quickly consult your analysis results. Thus, you can easily adjust the frequency of your periodic controls.

Certificate of analysis

Stop copying and pasting. No more multiple documents and double entries depending on the customer. All your analysis results are centralized in one place. Gain in simplicity by quickly editing all your certificates of analysis in CIKLab. Secure your validation process with the digital signature.

Easily ORDER & TRACK your oursourced analyses

Analyses catalog

Create an unlimited number of analyses and internal or external controls. Combine your methods, analysis techniques and measurement units.

Subcontracted laboratories

With CIKLab, build your network of subcontracting laboratories. Record quotes, compare offers from your service providers and optimize the use of your analytical budget.

Order, send and follow up analyses

Stop manual processing. With CIKLab, you create your analysis order forms in one click. You can quickly visualize the status of all your products and batches under control.

CENTRALIZE & SECURE your documents and quality control data

Secure access

Telecommuting, collaborative projects: no worries. The SaaS application is accessible in real time and wherever you are. You manage your quality team and define user rights levels.


To guarantee data integrity, all actions performed on CIKLab are recorded and archived.

Data hosting

Your results are automatically recorded. Your data is backed up and replicated daily. Our hosts guarantee a service rate of over 99% to allow you to access CIKLab at all times.

BUILD & VALUE your analytical assets

Data mining and continuous improvement

Your analyses are worth their weight in gold, not only for laboratories. By centralizing your analytical results, you build, exploit and enhance your analytical assets: a real source of continuous improvement and innovation.

Traceability and document management

Simplify your traceability system. Store your suppliers’ data, your subcontractors’ certificates of analysis and your manufacturing reports in one place. Plus, you can access control histories in seconds.