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Analysis follow-up

    July 22, 2022

    2 min

    Lionel Murat
    Cofounder of CIKLab

    Analysis Follow-up

    Having tools to help us do the analysis follow-up is better, right?
    Easily access your subcontracted laboratories’ analysis follow-up with the new “pending” feature.

    ⚙️[Feature focus]

    “When do we get the test results?”

    📞 When you’re a quality manager and you get that little phone call from the boss on Monday morning…

    If so, remember, last week 😬

    A borderline result, analyses that you rerun on three representative samples, taking care to double-check your raw materials, that you double-checked internally, sent to your usual subcontractor, and then to another subcontractor to increase the number of points, make sure of the result, check that nobody is drifting…etc 😱

    – Painful to read? 😵‍💫
    – Mostly painful to live without a control management tool 😒

    📌This week we introduce you to a little CIKLab feature that can do you BIG favors 🙏

    👉 The “in progress” feature
    allows you to have access to all the quality control analyses according to:

    ✅Type of analysis

    No more stress 🌈 🌞, take back control of your analyses and… Monday morning! 

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