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Agria Grand Est webinar

March 6, 2023

1 min

Maxence Duprez
Cofounder of CIKLab

Agria Grand Est

Agria Grand Est webinar

Join Maxence and Lionel for the presentation of CIKLab at the 43rd Quality Club of Agria Grand Est. This webinar will be presented by Julie Coignus, project manager of Agria Grand Est and will see the presence of Laurent Royer, laboratory manager at Biolie to talk about his experience with CIKLab.

Event's Program

The Program of Tuesday 04 April 2023 from 10am to 12pm:

  • Presentation of Agria Grand Est
  • Presentation of the CIKLab tool
  • Testimony of the company BIOLIE on its use of the CIKLab tool
  • Discussion and conclusion

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